Three-ways Green Duck are Giving Companies Certainty in Uncertain Times | Green Duck

Three-ways Green Duck are Giving Companies Certainty in Uncertain Times

By Green Duck

Three-ways Green Duck are Giving Companies Certainty in Uncertain Times

IT experts Green Duck are helping businesses across the region create certainty as Brexit continues to dominate the news.

The IT services and support company, who also provide bespoke websites and software, are doubling efforts to ensure IT is one less thing to worry about for the businesses they support.

“IT is essential for almost every organisation” says David Buist, Chief Operating Officer. “As some may understandably be distracted by what’s going on, we want to help ensure their IT is totally dependable and helps them increase productivity.”

The Bury St Edmunds-based business provide complete IT infrastructure, hardware and software, as well as first line technical support and advice. The first way they are supporting clients in the current climate is focusing on their industry-leading response times and quick solutions should issues arise.

“If any issues do occur with a business’s IT, they need a swift resolution” states David “That’s where our support team and 15-minute triage come in. Most issues can be solved with a single call to one of our experienced and plain-speaking staff.”

The second prong of Green Duck’s support is helping more organisations take advantage of cloud-based IT. The certified Microsoft Partners have helped a wide range of businesses to host their software and data on an external cloud, resulting in increased flexibility and lower and more predictable costs.

“Cloud IT makes a lot of sense for most business’s needs. It also blends well with existing IT” states David. “Our clients have reported significant savings and improvements in productivity since moving away from costly servers and other hardware. They appreciate the flexibility and more predictable costs.”

The third element of Green Duck’s efforts to help businesses cope with current uncertainty is combating cyber threats. The IT experts have developed a range of protection from leading providers which not only protects against known threats but automatically evolves to new ones.

“The last thing businesses need is a virus, hack or malware disrupting their work” says David. “As the risks get more complex, so do the solutions, so our clients really appreciate and trust our no-nonsense approach.”

Green Duck partner with a number of leading providers of cyber security software and other protection. Depending on business’s individual needs, they provide a number of tailored solutions from encrypted back up to web and spam filtering.

In 2017, Green Duck acquired Source Code Studios, a strategic move which has been highly successful and further broaden their services. They have been busy creating apps and software to help businesses improve their operations and business-critical functions. The easy-to-use solutions they’ve delivered range from a product safety app for ecommerce logistics, to a paperless HR system for a national food chain.

“Many businesses say ‘I wish we could just do that’ when it comes to IT. We take that wish and look at ways to cost-effectively make it a reality” concludes David.

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