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Traditional telephony, It’s time to ditch the conventional phone

By Brian Laflin

Traditional telephony: It’s time to ditch the conventional phone

The way we work has changed. The office-bound, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday working week has been replaced by the more desirable and more productive flexible, remote and anywhere working. As such, technology has evolved to meet demand, leaving traditional office tech gathering dust on vacant desks – and amongst it, the telephone.
Microsoft Teams (part of Office 365) is the collaboration tool for effective anywhere team working. And yet, many businesses are still not taking advantage of this shared workspace app. If traditional telephony is no longer fulfilling your business needs, here are some key benefits for taking advantage of Microsoft Teams:

Keeping colleagues, clients and customers connected

Regardless of device or location Microsoft Teams brings colleagues and clients together on a single platform. Its features enable you not only to communicate via audio call or video call, but also group chat and web conferencing.

And that’s not all. With the capacity to host live events with as many as 10,000 members, why not make the most of this communication platform to broadcast to your customers far and wide?

Effective meeting management

One-to-one telephone meetings or negotiating multiple attendee meetings by crowding around a desk phone on loud speaker are a thing of the past. Online meetings with audio or video calling can be scheduled through Microsoft Outlook and recorded for quick reference – no minute-taking necessary.

Collaborative working

Microsoft Teams facilitates collaborating on files in real time thanks to built-in Office 365 apps. Gone are the days of following up meetings by emailing around multiple file versions, rather colleagues and clients can work on documents live via online meeting screen sharing.

Secure communications

With Microsoft Teams’ added security controls, conversations remain confidential and data and documents protected. Administrator controls also mean you determine who has access on which devices.

If you’re ready to ditch the conventional phone and explore the benefits communications tech such as Microsoft Teams can offer your business, feel free to call us on 01284 700015 or drop us an email

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