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So long Windows 7

By Sammy Loveridge

So long Windows 7

Windows 7 has entered its “End of Life” phase, but what exactly does this mean for you and your business?

As of 14 January 2020, Microsoft stopped offering support and security updates for Windows 7, which means upgrading or replacing PCs that are still using the old operating system need to be top of the to-do list.

Why do I need to upgrade to Windows 10?

The End of Life for Windows 7 means the end of patch fixes and updates for any viruses, loopholes or security risks leaving any hardware still using the system – and, in turn, your business’ and customers’ data – at risk.

But rest assured, while there is a sense of haste, there is no need to panic – this isn’t a millennium bug scenario. PCs running Windows 7 didn’t suddenly power down and stop working at the stroke of midnight, nor become instant security risks.

However, there is a real and present risk in leaving your business open to attack, data breach, downtime and loss of productivity in using a defunct operating system on outdated hardware.

Plus, you risk being left behind. New software with new features designed to enhance business efficiency and profitability are unlikely to work on computers running Windows 7.

Windows 10 offers automatic updates by default ensuring systems remain secure and with minimal disruption to the user. Indeed, Windows 10 offers offers a better user experience in general thanks to the system’s increased efficiency, faster operating speed and investment in new features.

In upgrading to Windows 10, you’re not only protecting your business from cyber threat, but equipping your people with the tools to do their job better. It’s a win-win.

What’s involved in upgrading to Windows 10?

Good news! Upgrading compatible PCs to Windows 10 is a relatively easy process meaning minimum disruption.

However, “compatible” is the operative word here as older PCs may not be capable of running Windows 10. In which case, you need to consider investing in new hardware. This needn’t be a daunting prospect; this is an opportunity to upgrade how your business operates. Rather than replacing desktop for desktop, why not invest in mobile devices like laptops and tablets to enable your employees to work anywhere?

What should I do next?

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Need I say more? We love to chat at Green Duck, so if you need advice or support in upgrading to Windows 10 and/or in investing in new hardware, contact Danny at or call 01284 700015.