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Introducing SpamTitan

By Sammy Loveridge

Introducing SpamTitan

Herculean anti-spam email protection

Just like its canned meat equivalent that lives for years in the back of the kitchen cupboard, Spam is here to stay. The secret to its endurance is the increasing sophistication of techniques used by spammers. As such, it continues to be one of the most prevalent and problematic IT issues for businesses and one that needs constant surveillance.

Not only does spam pose a tangible threat to business through viruses, attacks and data leaks, it also floods users’ inboxes with tides of annoying and potentially dangerous advertising and phishing emails. The result: hours wasted sifting through email sludge in search of legitimate communications and heightened security risk caused by manually separating the wheat from the spam when filtering emails.

Thankfully, there is a solution – SpamTitan.

We have thoroughly trialled and tested SpamTitan’s anti-spam email protection as part of our own cyber security strategy at Green Duck – and we’re impressed. So much so, we’re rolling the mighty email protection out to all of our clients and offering it as part of our cyber security solutions to all new clients.

What is SpamTitan?

SpamTitan protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails. And it’s highly effective with a 99.99% Spam Catch Rate and a 0.003% false positive rate.

This sophisticated anti-spam protection also has the ability to anticipate new attacks thanks to its predictive technology as well as data leak prevention, blocking of infected attachments, detailed spam quarantine reporting for end user control and – crucially – outbound email scanning to prevent your IP address from being blacklisted.

Why do I need extra email protection?

While many operating systems such as Microsoft Office 365 include email security as standard, an extra blanked of anti-spam protection is vital; it forms the very foundation of your IT infrastructure and cyberthreat defence.

Plus, email is the number one line of communication for business. Put simply, you can’t function without it. So, protect it. And the best way to do so is with anti-spam software of epic capabilities.

Contact us to join the fight against spam today.

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