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What connectivity solution is right for my business?

By Sebastian Nash

What connectivity solution is right for my business?

Which solution is right for my business?

Connectivity is the lifeblood of every business – yep, it even supersedes the coffee machine.

There are 4 main types of internet connection to consider:

  1. Broadband – A widespread solution available to 95% of the UK
  2. Leased lines – A business-grade solution offering greater security and performance
  3. Air Fibre – A cost-effective alternative to traditional connectivity solutions
  4. Managed WiFi – An enterprise-grade managed WiFi solution


Keeping your business and your people connected with clients, colleagues and suppliers are essential for maintaining performance and ensuring competitive advantage. Indeed, this can be said for businesses of any size, operating in any sector; from small businesses requiring effective voice, video or data communications with flexible workers or contractors, to large businesses requiring unified and secure communications across multiple sites, locations and countries.

As well as communication, connectivity is essential for the secure storage and transfer of information from one location to another; from retail, hospitality and leisure CRM systems, to sending/receiving of large media files for the creative industries, and storage of confidential patient, government or student records. Not to mention the running of site security and entry systems for business premises themselves.

With digital transformation occurring at an increasingly rapid pace, it can be difficult for businesses to know which connectivity solution is best for them.

Whatever the size of your business, the level of connectivity required and for whatever purpose it needs to fulfil, we at Green Duck offer simple and tailored solutions to help you make the most of your IT infrastructure and to ensure your business stays connected.



A widespread solution is available to 95% of the UK.

Businesses in towns and cities may find this option particularly appealing owing to the availability of fibre optic connections in urban areas.

However, broadband is shared with other local internet users and is therefore susceptible to weaker connections at peak times.

Leased lines

A business-grade solution offering greater security and performance.

Unlike consumer internet connections where bandwidth may fall at peak times, these private, dedicated lines mean bandwidth is reserved solely for your business’ use meaning increased performance and data security.

Leased lines also offer symmetrical upload and download speeds. As businesses are both suppliers and consumers of information, it is essential that upload speeds mirror the performance of download speeds.

Air Fibre

An effective alternative to traditional connectivity solutions.

If your business suffers from connectivity issues because of your location, Air Fibre offers a cost-effective, alternative solution. With no need or expense incurred for below-ground cabling, even remote locations can stay connected.

Plus, as a managed service, businesses benefit from heightened support and security.

Managed WiFi

An enterprise-grade managed WiFi solution.

With the average household set to have 50 connected devices by 2023, keeping multiple users across multiple devices and multiple locations online has never been more essential.

This bespoke solution can be tailored to your business offering high-level performance, as well as high-level security ensuring information transmitted is safe from interception.

Looking to stay connected? Get in touch to find out which solution is best for your business.