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Why Microsoft 365?

By Jonathan Springham

Why Microsoft 365

With Teams usage up 50% since April and over 115 million active users daily, there’s no denying the unbelievable growth of Microsoft 365 over the past 12-18 months.

What many companies initially looked to as a means to simply provide their business email and office applications, has now expanded to include full identity management, document storage libraries, employee collaboration, mobile device management, threat analysis and more.

All of these things, combined with changes in businesses with regards to remote working, have made the transition away from traditional on-premise infrastructure and domain services to a hybrid or cloud-only model, an even more attractive proposal.

For many small to medium-size businesses, being able to manage users and devices, store company documents and access your emails remotely are the only things they need in order to operate successfully but Microsoft has a lot more to offer… if you need it.

So why choose Microsoft 365?

Reason 1: Work from anywhere

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their documents anytime and anywhere from PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. Also, the built-in sharing and collaboration features of 365 make it suitable for modern work environments. With 365, users can access their data from anywhere.

By joining work-based machines to Azure AD users will instantly have Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities to all company resources.

Reason 2: Flexible subscriptions

Microsoft 365 offers great price flexibility on its services. With 365, there are various subscription plans to choose from. An organisation can choose a plan depending on its needs. With one license, they can opt for services like SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive for Business, and Sway. Also, the plans of 365 are not expensive as you only have to pay for what you use.

If granular control over your company data and who can access it is of importance, Azure AD P1/P2 licenses can open up a whole gamut of flexible options and security features.

Reason 3: Always up to date

One of the best things about Microsoft 365 is that it upgrades automatically without any extra costs. Users get access to all the enhancements and innovations as soon as they are released. In on-premises deployments, users have to upgrade the hardware and buy the software too. These upgrades may also cause considerable downtime. But, this is not the case with 365 because Microsoft handles all the updates in such a way that doesn’t affect its availability.

The infrastructure of  365 is top-notch, highly available, and patched. It ensures that the corporate data stored is always secure.

The simple choice of what licenses to assign users can allow any business to scale up or down as required, with little-to-no long term investments needed, unlocking more features to help your company grow, meet ever-changing regulations and combat ongoing security threats.

What used to be the norm to set up an on-premise domain controller, Exchange server and file server for a small business, can now be completely taken care of in 365, and set up in an absolute fraction of the time and cost; it takes literal minutes to set up a 365 tenancy and get started!

With 365 you have:

  • No expensive hardware to maintain or budget for
  • No patching 
  • No backups
  • No upgrades 
  • No downtime 


What about security?

Generally, by putting things in the cloud, you are automatically making things more convenient, not just to your users but also to hackers and other malicious sources. This is true of all cloud platforms, not just Microsoft.

The simplest and arguably absolute minimum any cloud user should implement is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Multi-Factor authentication when implemented correctly can almost completely eradicate the possibility of an account being compromised. Combine MFA with Threat Management policies and alerting and you have a very well thought out and secure environment with which to entrust your businesses needs.

When safeguarding your data, Microsoft operates under several key principles:

  • They do not mine your data for advertising or for any purpose other than providing services that have been paid for
  • If you ever choose to leave the service, you take your data with you
  • Privacy controls allow you to configure who in your organisation has access and what they can access
  • Extensive auditing and supervision prevent admins from gaining unauthorised access to your data
  • Customer Lockbox for Office 365 leaves customers with explicit control in the rare instance a Microsoft engineer may need to access customer content to resolve an IT issue

Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. The standard establishes a uniform, international approach to protecting privacy for personal data stored in the cloud.

What’s more, Green Duck is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Services so we have access to the very best services and guidance the Microsoft offer.

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