A new wave of hospitality technology from the Green Duck Family

A new wave of hospitality technology from the Green Duck Family

By Green Duck

A new wave of hospitality technology from the Green Duck Family

We are delighted to introduce you to Wireless Rooms, hospitality technology from the Green Duck Family designed for the hospitality industry.

The pandemic highlighted our need for connection; a need that was eased by emerging technologies developed to bring people together. We too have harnessed the power of tech to connect by developing an information innovative platform that facilitates seamless communications between hotel staff and guests.Wireless Rooms uses in-room tablets to connect hotels with their guests.

What is Wireless Rooms?

Wireless Rooms; developed by our fellow in-house software design business Source Code Studio; provides a guest management system that connects you to your customers. Accessed via an easy-to-use tablet in each room, the platform enables guests to order room service, view bar and restaurant menus, or make reservations for onsite facilities (such as restaurants, golf, or spa sessions), all from the comfort of their room.

Through direct customer communication, you can also ensure every effort is made for guests to have a truly amazing experience as well as maximising the opportunity to keep them up to date with latest events, offers or promotions. Two-for-one cocktail hour anyone? We’ll meet you at the bar.

What are the benefits?

The last 18 months have been particularly challenging for the hospitality industry, and with overheads and competition rising alongside guest expectations now is the time to streamline processes and source smarter solutions to get ahead of the curve.

The good news is Wireless Rooms can help you to do just that by:

Providing an opportunity to promote services to every guest in every room at the touch of a button

Enabling guests to rebook for future visits directly from their room

Reducing operational and environmental costs, including POS and marketing materials by going paperless

Increasing staff efficiency and customer service through direct communication and messaging

If you’d like to learn more about Wireless Rooms and book a free demo, or contact me directly by emailing: benny.mansfield@wirelessrooms.com.