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Equipping offices for the future of work

By David Buist

Equipping offices for the future of work

Since compulsory working from home during the pandemic, equipping offices has to now embrace a new hybrid model of working.

The new hybrid model of working – that is, part home, part office-based – has shown the benefits to productivity and work-life balance for their employees.

Investing in your IT infrastructure is a great way to support your teams in this transition and future-proof your business.

So, what tech do you need to ensure hybrid-working works for your business?

Rethink office space

Firstly, you can say goodbye to rows of desks and desktop computers. Instead, employees need mobile devices, laptops, monitors and cabling that allows them to plug in and go anywhere – whether in the office or at home.

This setup allows for hot-desking, where employees no longer have a permanent desk of their own but can choose to work at any location within the office. This not only helps to facilitate a blend of in-office and at-home working but encourages more agile and collaborative working by promoting cross-departmental teamwork.

Not everyone enjoys hot-desking, however, so be prepared to also offer booths or quiet areas for more concentrated, independent working.

Traditional spaces, such as meeting rooms, still remain integral for collaborative working and idea sharing, but require a tech update, including presentation, audio and conference calling facilities, to ensure anyone – no matter their location – can dial in.

Planning is key

All devices need to be supplied with pre-installed software, such as Microsoft 365, that includes apps that allow access to emails, the remote access and editing of files, and the ability to make conference calls and virtually collaborate so employees still feel part of a team, even when at home.

With employees accessing data from inside and outside the office, robust IT security is also a must.

Your software should ensure all cloud services are secure, easing concerns about employees accessing files remotely. However, vigilance to cyber threats should always be a priority so consider upskilling your teams with training.

Green Duck can ensure your IT infrastructure and security is up to the task of hybrid working. Contact me directly at david.buist@greenduck.co.uk or 01284 333452 to discuss your business needs.