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Library Terminal Bespoke App Development

Upgrading the library checkout process for the future


Launched in 2002, D-Tech International Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high performance technology products and services for public libraries in the UK and overseas. We are helping them to develop their next generation of self service checkout systems.



App Development, Software Development


Launched in 2002, DTech is a leading supplier of high performance technology products and service for public space locations throughout the UK and overseas. While their success falls mainly within the library sector, in recent years they have seen an increase in cross-sector demand for tracking, managing, protecting and forecasting solutions.

Research, development and system design is an important part of D-Techs strategy for future growth as well as producing environmentally friendly products.


The solutions D-Tech currently provide to the library sector include self-service, stock control and management, library security, people counting and 24-hour vending. However, prior to approaching Green Duck, they keen to take this one step further and provide an bespoke app that would streamline user’s experience.

Their key aim was to make it easier for users to check books and resources in and out, and provide a cost-effective tool for libraries, reducing the need for self-serve desks and ongoing maintenance costs.


Liaising with Marvin Crisp, President of D-Tech, we discussed the requirements on the App which included being available on iOS and Android.

We also needed to understand how the RFID element of their software would work to ensure the APP fed the correct information back to the overall database system from the barcode on each item.

We then built a prototype for D-Tech to test to ensure it worked as expected, including:

  • Checkout of items
  • Checking of account status
  • Account payments
  • Renew items
  • Check library locations and hours of operation
  • Chat with a librarian
  • Users to be able to log in with library credentials
  • Push notifications to remind users of renewals etc


Post-launch, the App has been adopted by many library groups throughout the UK and USA.

The “appIT” system enables libraries to focus on assisting users with their needs, instead of spending unnecessary time on routine administration such as checking books out, etc.

The app can also be set up to allow a libraries to utilise advertising and direct messages to its users.