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By Green Duck


Custom Software Development

Bespoke Software Development for national Fish & Chip shop chain


“A family love affair since 1921”. From their first store in 1923 to thirty five shops across the south of England in 2016, this family business passionately explore ways to deliver even better fish and chips to their customers.

When prepared the fishnchickn way, they truly believe that fish and chips can be the “tastiest meal you will ever eat”, but they don’t think this should be at the expense of the environment, people and communities, and have ensured that every process and decision takes this into account.



Software Development


As a large and fast-growing chip shop chain, fishnchickn – part of the Chesterford Group – has 35 shops based across the south of England, from Cambridge to Colchester and from Bracknell to Billericay.

To keep control of budget and comply with legislation, the company needed to be able to track which staff are working at which site and when, and to make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. In a nutshell, they required a solution which would manage rotas easily, quickly and efficiently.


To help solve the problem of paper-based rotas, we developed a bespoke web-based rota system, known as the ‘Hub’.

This allows managers to allocate shifts to employees, based on centrally controlled staffing quotas. Thanks to the system’s colour-coded visual overview, managers can check that the correct number of correctly qualified staff are covering opening times at the chain, as they work out their rotas for the week.

The new system also accounts for absences such as sick leave and staff holidays – and it can track the different roles that different members of staff perform.


The new system means much less effort and less headache for the HR team at fishnchickn’s head office. With no pieces of paper to go missing or handwriting to decipher, there’s a reduced risk of data errors.

It’s also now much easier for head office to implement changes to holiday entitlements or staff budget quotas if they need to, simply by tweaking variables in the rota system.



sites managed across the UK

Over 2000

users of “The Hub” CRM system