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Email Spam Filtering

Email Spam Filtering

Block spam, viruses and other threats coming from your email

Stop incoming
email threats

Spam – not the kind that your mum used to make you eat as a kid – is also known as junk mail and is where unwanted emails are sent to you, most likely on a daily basis.

Usually commercial in nature, these emails can contain malicious links and attachments, and can also expose your systems to malware, viruses and phishing attacks – all of which can be disastrous for your organisation.


Our Email Filtering solution will filter, control, clean and protect against unwanted emails, all while blocking spam, viruses and malware… and it’s GDPR compliant! Sounds pretty good right?

Here’s what else it’ll do…

Advanced Spoof Protection

Block mail pretending to be from valid sources

Quick & Easy Installation

Set-up in minutes and see results immediately

Data loss prevention

Gain complete visibility of all external attacks and insider risks to help reduce vulnerabilities

Access Permissions

Allow or restrict users from accessing your portal

Safeguarding for schools

We provide specialist packages designed for your school, college or university

Blended Threats module

Zero day protection from malicious URL's

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