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Cyber Security

Helping organisations understand their threats and secure their technology, data and people.

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Managed Backup

Fast, professional and adaptable backup for your systems, data and applications. Customise our solution to fit your business.

Penetration Testing

Web Filtering

Block phishing, malware and even ransomware infecting you via malicious websites, before you even connect to them?

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Spam Filtering

Filter, control, clean and protect against unwanted emails, all while blocking spam, viruses and malware… and it’s GDPR compliant!

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Antivirus / Antimalware

Next generation protection for endpoints, networks and end users.

Penetration Testing

Managed Firewall

Defending critical assets and helping to ensure continuous availability.

Game changing cyber security solutions

This is more than the latest buzz word in IT. Cyber Security is a specialist area of IT because it aims to prevent unwanted and/or criminal attacks through your IT system.

We continue to be amazed, although not surprised, at the lengths Cyber Criminals will go to just to gain entry to systems and data with a very specific focus; to cause damage and to steal.

So many companies believe they are not at risk, yet Cyber Criminals do not always discriminate.

We seek to educate your staff on what Cyber Criminals do, why they do it and how to minimise the impact.

We advise on current and future vulnerabilities, highlight actual weaknesses and implement solutions to keep Cyber Criminals at bay.

Some of the biggest Companies have been hacked. The damage to company reputations when data is stolen is irreparable. Let us help you.

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