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Webroot Cyber Security

Award-winning endpoint protection

Why Webroot

Webroot is antivirus software that delivers next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence services to protect businesses in a connected world.

Webroot products are built from the ground up to be automated, lightweight, and easy to use, so you don’t have to dedicate tons of resources to cybersecurity alone. That’s part of how Webroot helps businesses grow and thrive, these are some others:

• Easy-to-use, lightning-fast protection

• Cloud-based, hassle-free management

• Lower costs

• No software conflicts or reimaging

The SecureAnywhere® difference

Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection offers a unique security approach that protects against threats across numerous vectors; including email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and connected devices like USB drives, as well as other blended threats with the potential to deliver malicious payloads.

Visible Efficacy

SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is the first malware prevention technology to report on its own efficacy at detecting infections and stopping malware. Dwell time reporting gives you visibility into any infection on any endpoint within your network, showing you when the infection began and how long it was contained by Webroot before being automatically remediated.

Flexible Cloud-Based Management

Webroot SecureAnywhere solutions use cloud-based management, which means no on-premises hardware or software is needed and the console is always up to date. The Webroot Global Site Manager console makes it straightforward to manage up to 100,000 endpoints, and, through its hierarchical management architecture, you can easily control multiple sites and locations, as best suited to your organisation’s needs.

Predictive prevention

All Webroot SecureAnywhere solutions and BrightCloud threat intelligence services are powered by the Webroot® Threat Intelligence
Platform. Leveraging big data analytics, machine learning, and threat intelligence from customers and technology partners worldwide, the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform identifies infections as they occur.

So what does that actually mean for you?

Embrace Automated Threat Detection and Response

Traditionally the term antivirus has belonged in the consumer space but when you get to business level, even if you’re still talking in terms of a small office with 10 or fewer employees, you still need protection in place. You need a solution that stops threats effectively and remediates systems automatically, so you don’t have to spend time and resources on manual virus cleanup.

Enter automated threat detection and response. Webroot is a cybersecurity solution not only stops threats but actually predicts and prevents them proactively to keep your business safe and operating as normal.