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IT for Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

IT Support and products for your business

Technology for Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Green Duck offer technology solutions for all types of businesses from gyms to stadiums across the UK. We are outcome motivated and advise, source, supply and support on all of your IT needs. Green Duck works as an extension of your team to create and execute a strategy specific to your business, and together we will exceed your goals by using innovative solutions.


At Green Duck we can offer the following solutions:

  IT support and software for your venue, office or locations

  Cloud security to keep your customer and staff data safe

  In-venue connectivity, guest wi-fi and telephony for great customer experiences

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Our services

Customer service is at the heart of your business and through seamless technology solutions, we make sure that your business always meets your customer’s expectations. From in-venue wi-fi to data security, we will work with you to develop and deploy the solutions you need.

Guest portals and hotspot management

Customisable guest portal and hotspots across multiple locations but managed centrally.


Fast and reliable WiFi solutions to keep your staff connected and working effectively online.

Antivirus software

Protect your devices against threats across email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, ads and more.


Stay modern with hardware products for your staff and customers.


Keep in touch with your customers with fixed and mobile telephony solutions.

IT Support

Get managed IT support so that if you have any IT issues our team will be on hand to help you fix it.

Our happy customers – FishnChickn

The new system means much less effort and less headache for the HR team at fishnchickn’s head office. With no pieces of paper to go missing or handwriting to decipher, there’s a reduced risk of data errors.

It’s also now much easier for head office to implement changes to holiday entitlements or staff budget quotas if they need to, simply by tweaking variables in the rota system.

Our Services

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